There's an App for That

Posted on December 6, 2019 at 3:10 PM

Natural Cycles is the first app of its kind to be FDA-approved in the United States. The "fertility awareness" app charts a woman's fertility so she can better predict on which days she is most fertile. The app requires women to track their menstrual cycles and enter their body temperature into the app every morning upon waking.  On the basis of a study involving 22,785 women using the Natural Cycles app, the rate of pregnancies from cycles where the application erroneously flagged a fertile day as infertile was 0.5 per 100 woman-years. So for the purpose of avoiding pregnancy, overall the app showed 93% efficacy with "typical use" and 99% with "perfect use" (never having unprotected sex on fertile days). That's actually better than comparable rates for the oral contraceptive pill, which is around 91% effective.

News, Aug 10, 2018

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